Joe Andersen

Owner | Chief Executive Officer

Joe co-founded RAWfish Creative Group in the fall of 2014 with the goal to build an outdoor based media production company.  Since then, Joe has recognized that a production team with knowledge and experience in both the commercial and outdoor industries elevates everyone’s growth and brings not only a completely new dynamic to the company but the clients RAWfish works with.  Now as the sole owner and CEO, Joe brings a vision to RAWfish striving to build a creative, energetic and fun culture of like minded individuals and a passion for not only helping his team grow, but all companies, both corporate and outdoor related, reach their full potential by achieving their goals.

Before RAWfish Creative Group, Joe attended a Central Minnesota University to gain his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Video Production and Advertising.  Shortly after graduation Joe went on to work with a television company where he took on multiple roles as Head Producer, Videographer, Director and Editor.  Joe’s passion for media production started prior to college and has led him to produce multiple television shows, commercials, and brand videos across the US. Now, leading the team at RAWfish Creative, Joe excels on maintaining and building new relationships, building a team to reach their goals and working with the team to build amazing brand campaigns that improves visual brand recognition for all RAWfish clients.

Photography | Brand Development | Rawfish Media | Baxter, MN