Our focus is simple:

Media. And so should yours…

Video Production

Video and film marketing is proven to boost engagement in a business. When it comes to RAWfish Creative Group, our knowledge, creativity, work ethic, team and equipment are at the forefront of success. The video work we specialize in encompasses high quality footage that specifically fits the niche of your business and style.


Photography is a major aspect when it comes to business marketing. Whether were shooting products, lifestyle, resort, businesses, or anything you throw our way, we can ensure your story is being told!

Photography | Brand Development | Rawfish Media | Baxter, MN

Media Production

High quality media production is central to RAWfish Creative Group. By taking an all-encompassing approach to our broadcast quality productions, we are able to create a dynamic flexibility in the type of media we can provide to our clients. By combining our extensive cinematographic knowledge with our desire to be at the forefront of creative videography through storytelling, we will bring you the most innovative and creative promotional films available. It doesn’t stop at Video Production though. With a comprehensive media approach, RAWfish Creative Group also produces the highest level of photography to meet all your needs. Ultimately, it’s about what we are able to capture between the frame-lines that is going to have the largest impact on your target audience. “It’s your story, we’re just here to tell it!”

Social Media Marketing

Watching an array of pieces come together into a work of art is truly one of the most beautiful and rewarding things at RAWfish. Our Social Media marketing expertise and high quality production allows us to bring both together and deliver to your customers. With our other central offerings of video production and photography, our marketing capabilities allow for comprehensive social media marketing plans to go hand in hand and be built just for you. RAWfish Creative Group has the ability and the desire to help you from start to finish, and our marketing team loves nothing more than being able to give you the most inclusive solutions possible.

Social Media Management

We want to make sure that your digital presence on all social media platforms are up to your standards. More times than not, we see companies invest a lot in a new brand commercial or photography but it just sits there, that’s why we have paired our social media team with our production guru’s; in today’s marketing world, social media is at the forefront of reaching your end consumer and we have recognized that if our experts can own the entire process from production to post, our clients see the ROI they’re wanting.

Photography | Brand Development | Rawfish Media | Baxter, MN
Photography | Brand Development | Rawfish Media | Baxter, MN


What are your capabilities when it comes to clients?

With a diverse background of clientele, we feel our capabilities with clients are endless. No matter what kind of business you have or story you are trying to tell, we have the desire to help you do so in a way that you can be proud of.

What is your motivation?

“It’s your story, let us help you tell it.” We believe that every individual and every company has a unique story that deserves to be showcased with the highest quality media and this is where we feel we can make a difference.

Who will I be working with?

Simply put, you are choosing to work with the RAWfish FAMILY. Our team is made up of ultra-creative, sensible, hard working individuals who all come together and “Make the Magic!”

Why is RAWfish different?

As a company that is centered around creating partnerships with our family of clients, you will be receiving down-to-earth treatment that can not be rivaled by a large firm. With the talented group of individuals we have, we are able to produce the highest quality products while treating our partners with a personalized experience.