Brooke Swenson

Marketing & Sales Director

Brooke is a versatile and talented member of the RAWfish Creative Group, having joined the team in 2021. From the moment she started, she eagerly took on any projects that came her way, showcasing her skills in social media marketing, photography, and editing.Having grown up in the suburbs of the Twin Cities and spending time in northern Minnesota, Brooke developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors and engaged in a wide range of outdoor activities.

Brooke’s pursuit of academic excellence led her to Fort Collins, Colorado, where she attended Colorado State University. There, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communications, further refining her skills in media and storytelling. Her thirst for adventure and cultural immersion led her to sail around the world with the 131st voyage of Semester at Sea, broadening her perspective and enriching her storytelling abilities.

Presently, Brooke has assumed the role of Marketing and Sales Director at RAWfish Creative Group, utilizing her extensive knowledge in leadership, marketing, community engagement, and media. Her diverse skill set and expertise make her an invaluable asset to the company’s culture. With her passion for creativity and her dedication to delivering impactful marketing campaigns, Brooke continues to elevate RAWfish Creative Group’s brand presence and drive its success. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her strong leadership skills, ensures that she leads the team with enthusiasm and fosters a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

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