Alex Dalum

Videographer | Editor

Alex is a talented Videographer and Editor who joined RAWfish Creative group in the spring of 2023. With a Bachelor’s degree in strategic communications from North Dakota State University, he brings a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to his role.

During his time at NDSU, Alex was an integral part of the school’s media team, where he had the opportunity to showcase and develop his media talents by attending and filming numerous sporting events at various levels.

From a young age, Alex had a natural affinity for the outdoor world. Whether it was engaging in sports, fishing, or embarking on exciting journeys across the country, he always found himself drawn to the thrill of exploration. Alex’s passion for creative media has been a lifelong pursuit. Starting at the age of 11, he began creating videos, and over the years he has gained four years of professional experience shooting and editing video. What began as filming local Minnesota sports gradually evolved into a comprehensive passion for storytelling and content creation, some of his work even landed on the NFL Network. With a remarkable ability to skillfully and creatively tell stories through video, Alex continues to push the boundaries of his craft, always seeking new opportunities to captivate audiences with his work.

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