Passion to Profession: Alex Dalum’s 1st Year at RAWfish Creative Group

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Meet Alex

Meet Alex, a dedicated Videographer and Editor who joined RAWfish Creative Group in the spring of 2023. With a Bachelor’s degree in strategic communications from North Dakota State University, Alex brings a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to his role. His time at NDSU saw him as a pivotal member of the school’s media team, where he honed his talents by filming numerous sporting events.

Alex’s journey into videography began at a young age, driven by his natural passion for the outdoors and exploration. From creating videos at age 11 to having his work featured on the NFL Network, his passion for storytelling and content creation has only grown. Over the past year at RAWfish, exemplified our core values of creativity, collaboration, and execution. He continues to push the boundaries of his craft, skillfully and creatively captivating audiences with his work. From taking on all different kinds of projects to his all around creative direction, Alex came onto this team and immediately put his foot on the gas.

Alex’s work ethic is unmatched; he consistently goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. His ability to thrive in a team environment has made him an invaluable asset to our collaborative projects. Furthermore, Alex’s capacity to learn and grow quickly has enabled him to adapt and excel in new and challenging situations.

As we celebrate Alex’s one-year work anniversary, we acknowledge his remarkable contributions and look forward to many more years of his innovative storytelling.

Hear more about Alex’s thoughts and memories over the past year below in a Q & A:

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Q & A with Alex

Q: What initially drew you to videography and editing, and how did you start your journey in this field?

A: I’ve always had a passion in me to create videos. Ever since I can remember I’ve been making videos with whatever cameras we had laying around my house. Filming trips and adventures with my friends and family. I just loved the whole process of seeing my video and editing come to life. I started to take it seriously when I graduated and bought my first legit video camera after being inspired by sports videographers I had been watching. It took off pretty quick after that, leading to my first creative internship at college and eventually leading me here to RAWfish.

Q: How has your style or approach to videography and editing evolved over the past year with the company?

A: This past year has taught me a lot. Before starting here my weakness was longer form, more storytelling style of videos. They seemed really daunting to me since I’ve really specialized in shorter form pieces before this. But after I finished my first long episode at RAWfish I found a new passion for creating emotional sequences by slowing down the cuts. Focusing on combining the music and shots to create something impactful for the viewer.

Q: Can you share a funny or interesting behind-the-scenes moment from one of your shoots?

A: One of the most funny moments looking back at it, was when I crashed a drone into a sand dune of all things. Cleaning the sand out of it for hours in the VALOR ride trailer with a headlamp is something I can laugh at now.

Q: Is there any specific piece of advice that you received in the past year that stands out and how were you able to use and grow from that? 

A: I’ve learned that sometimes going with the flow of a shoot will create the best product in the end. Especially with interview pieces. You never know where the interview will go and sometimes it is far more deep than you would think. Altering your vision for that piece to flow with their unique story has seemed to create powerful videos.

Q: What have you learned about collaboration through your projects this past year?

A: I’ve learned that what you can create with a team far exceeds anything you can make yourself. Putting everyone’s creative mind together and creating something with complete collaboration will always create something special no matter what kind of project it is. 

Q: What are you most excited for moving forward at RAWfish Creative Group?

A: I’m most excited about how RAWfish will improve as a whole. Everyday, each of us are getting better not only as individuals but as a team. With new gear and improved skills, our work will only get better as time goes on.

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From our CEO

A true Ace. Dedicated to his craft, Dalum is one of the hardest working, talented and creative individuals I know. But it doesn’t stop there, at RAWfish we’re a team first and Alex’s dedication to his colleagues is truly something I admire.  Always working to help his coworkers in any capacity and push everyone to be the best they can be.  At only one year with RF, Alex has been an instrumental role to RAWfish’s growth. His passion for capturing the next frame and dedication to RFs clients is contagious and his personal growth has skyrocketed. I’m honored to work beside such a talented friend, and colleague. Keep crushing it Alex!

– Joe Andersen

Thank you Alex for such a memorable year. Looking forward to more memories and doing what we love to do!