Lund Boats Video Production & Photoshoot With RAWfish Creative Group

In the world of outdoor recreational activities, Lund Boats has established itself as a trusted name, offering high-quality boats for both fishing and leisure. To capture the essence of their products and create captivating visuals for their upcoming marketing campaigns, Lund Boats and RAWfish have grown a long lasting, trusting relationship for their visual assets including their all category two week media shoot. Let’s take a behind the scenes look of this collaboration and explore the exciting work carried out by Lund Boats and RAWfish Creative Group.

RAWfish Creative Group, a creative agency out of Minnesota, has worked on a handful of other projects with Lund Boats in the past. With their expertise in capturing the beauty of nature and the adrenaline of outdoor activities, RAWfish Creative Group was well-equipped to bring Lund Boats’ vision to life.

Pre-production Planning:

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RAWfish Creative Group dove right into the pre-production phase. They meticulously planned every aspect, from organizing the logistics and helping scheduling the shoot days to coordinating with the crew and ensuring they had the necessary equipment. The goal was to create a seamless workflow that would maximize efficiency and creativity.

One of the crucial aspects of any shoot is finding the perfect location. This June, the team was shooting on Leech Lake in Walker, Minnesota for 6 days. This location was a great fit for this shoot. Each boat had specific scenes that required a unique look and this lake was able to provide just that. Both teams left no stone unturned in their quest to find the ideal settings for the shoot!

On-Set Expertise:

As the shoot commenced, RAWfish Creative Group demonstrated their expertise in capturing dynamic footage. Their team of skilled cinematographers and photographers worked tirelessly to showcase the performance, craftsmanship, and versatility of Lund Boats. Using state-of-the-art cameras, drones, and other specialized equipment, they captured stunning visuals from various angles, both on the water and from the shore. Fun fact: This was the first shoot in Lund Boat history to ever have FPV drones up in the air. Super cool!

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Collaborative Atmosphere:

One of the key strengths of RAWfish Creative Group is their ability to foster a collaborative atmosphere on set. They worked closely with Lund Boats’ team, ensuring that the company’s brand values and messaging were effectively translated into the visuals. The open line of communication between the two entities allowed for a seamless synergy, resulting in a final product that exceeded expectations.

Post-production Magic:

With the raw footage in hand, RAWfish Creative Group now embarks on the post-production process. Their skilled editors and visual effects artists work meticulously to enhance the footage, emphasizing the beauty of the boats and the surrounding environment. Through careful color grading, captivating music selection, and precise editing techniques, they will work on producing a series of videos and still imagery that will be both visually stunning and emotionally engaging to Lunds audience.

Video production and Photography Deployment:

After the weeks of hard work, the final result of the Lund Boats summer shoot will be revealed to the world. The captivating visuals will showcase the boats in their element, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the world of outdoor adventure and leisure. Thanks to the combined efforts of Lund Boats and RAWfish Creative Group, the campaign will successfully capture the attention of boating enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike! We are extremely excited to get this imagery and videos out to the world so keep an eye out on the RAWfish Social Media Pages for this content!

All in all:


The collaboration between Lund Boats and RAWfish Creative Group for the summer shoot was an incredible example of synergy between a brand and a creative agency. RAWfish’s expertise in outdoor content creation, coupled with Lund Boats’ commitment to quality and innovation, resulted in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant campaign. Through their collaboration, they not only showcased Lund Boats’ products but also inspired individuals to embrace the thrill of outdoor experiences.

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