VALOR – Veterans Adventure of a Lifetime

Photography, , Video Production
VALOR, Veterans Adventure of a Lifetime Off-Road, has partnered with RAWfish Creative Group to tell their story of raising awareness for veterans suicide through video production and social media management.

In 2023, when the VALOR brand embarked on its mission to create life-changing experiences for veterans, RAWfish became an integral part of the narrative. VALOR, committed to taking veterans on transformative adventures across North America, partnered with RAWfish to weave together a compelling story of impact. The collaboration reached its pinnacle during the inaugural ride, where the RAWfish and VALOR teams undertook a 22-day journey in a side-by-side, traversing the entire span of North America from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the northernmost point of the USA, to El Paso, Texas, the southernmost. Together, they documented this extraordinary expedition, capturing content that would not only launch the VALOR organization but also make a significant difference in raising awareness and funds for veterans. Dive into the heart of their journey and explore the recent content that showcases the profound impact of VALOR’s mission and the collaborative spirit of RAWfish and VALOR teams.

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