CHASE-ing Milestones: Clayton Chase Celebrating 1 Year at RAWfish Creative Group

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About Clayton

Clayton Chase is a highly skilled photographer who joined the RAWfish Creative Group team in the spring of 2023 stepping into the role as our Director of Photography. With a deep passion for the outdoors and a love for photography, Clayton has seamlessly merged his two interests into a successful career.

Starting early on, Clayton immersed himself in the world of photography, initially as a hobby. However, driven by his passion and talent, he gradually transformed his love for capturing moments into a full-fledged profession. His profound connection to nature, including activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, boating, and exploring the agricultural landscape, allowed him to develop a unique perspective and style in his photography. As a freelance photographer in the outdoor industry for over two years, Clayton’s exceptional media skills enabled him to build an impressive portfolio. Collaborating with small and local brands, he played a vital role in elevating their brand image through captivating visuals.

Now as a valued member of RAWfish Creative Group, Clayton serves as an exemplary leader, bringing hard work, passion, and positivity to the forefront. Whether leading shoots, contributing as an editor, or fostering a vibrant culture within the team, he consistently embodies these qualities. With years of experience in photography and a genuine love for his craft, Clayton continues to push boundaries, elevate brands, and capture the essence of the outdoors through his exceptional imagery.

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Q & A with Clayton

Q: What are you enjoying most about your position?

A: I enjoy my current position because it allows me to travel to work on projects, meet new people, build relationships and help tell stories.

Q: What has been your favorite shoot over the past year and why? 

A: My favorite shoot from this past year was one of our summer shoots with Lund Boats. This shoot is a grind and requires a lot of pre and post production to assure things go smoothly and we create the best media that we can. It takes a huge team to make it work, which is something I really enjoy. Working with team members from both RAWfish and Lund is awesome. The Lund shoot allowed me to do something I had been dreaming of, and that was shooting running shots from a tower boat. While I had the time of my life up there, getting tossed around in that basket, safely, it sure left my ribs with a different story to tell. Excited to be back up there again this year!

Q: What is the most important lesson you have learned over the past year working with the RF team?

A: The most impactful lesson I’ve learned over the year is that it is all in the details. Details in pre production, details while in production and details in post all make the difference.

Q: Why is media production important to you?

A: Media production is important to me because not only is it a necessary commodity these days that I enjoy filling the needs of, it is an avenue for creativity.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: Outside of work I enjoy just about anything that gets me outside and active. I enjoy just a simple hike with my wife and dogs at the family farm, fishing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, learning golf, and a sunset cruise on the lake. Even a short walk down the road to the nearby river looking for waterfowl and deer is truly enjoyable.

Q: What are you most excited for moving forward at RAWfish?

A: Moving forward at RAWfish, I am excited to continue my growth and learn from my peers. I am excited to take on new challenges and to help strengthen our team in any capacity.

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From our CEO

When I think of a team, I think of a hardworking group of individuals that share common interests, goals, values, a friendship and will do just about anything for one another. At RAWfish we are a team first and over the last year, building a relationship with Clayton has been nothing short of amazing. His dedication to both RAWfish and his colleagues shine daily. His poise, work ethic and passion for always working towards growing in his craft is infectious to everyone he surrounds and we couldn’t be more proud and blessed to have the talented Director of Photography that we do – looking forward to the next year, Clayton!

– Joe Andersen

Thank you Clayton for an amazing year. We cannot wait for more to come!