Behind the Cover with RAWfish Creative Group

When it comes to media creation, every project has its moment of glory—the launch! Whether it’s shared on social media, displayed on a billboard, printed in marketing materials, or featured in a commercial, the unveiling of content is a deeply rewarding and thrilling experience for creators. At RAWfish Creative Group, seeing our work on a cover is not just a triumph for our creative team but also a testament to our partnership with clients. Successful deliverables mean not only meeting our clients’ needs but also upholding our RF values. Join us as we dive into the stories behind some of this year’s captivating 2024 covers.

Lund Boats 2024 Catalog

In early June 2023, RAWfish headed to northern Minnesota for Lund Boats big annual Summer shoot, dedicated to showcasing each new boat model for the upcoming Lund Boats 2024 Catalog launch. The objective was clear: capture every feature that each boat brings to the table and showcase each model through a creative purposeful way—whether it’s a specific type of fishing, a particular lifestyle, or engagement in watersports. The emphasis was on representing brand details, durability, and quality. This collaborative effort resulted in marketing and brand assets for both video and photography that truly embody the essence of Lund’s craftsmanship.

The Shot:

Our production team had been scouting this point on the water early on as a location for a camping scene. We set up a sleeping tent, a picnic area, got the fire prepped, and finally, brought the boats in. We were also getting lights set and all of our camera gear prepped. Once our set finally looked perfect, our family talent arrived, and the sun was low enough for the shooting to begin! With such a short window of shooting light, we had to be fast and intentional with every shot. We successfully captured videography, photography, and drone shots before it was too dark. Weeks after the shoot and once the RAWfish post production editing process was complete, the Lund Boats marketing team had access to their deliverables and were ready to begin their process of content placement for their 2024 marketing assets, including this catalog cover!

lund 2024catalog studio 10
lund 2024catalog studio 3
lund 2024catalog studio 5
lund 2024catalog

In-Fisherman 2024 Ice Fishing Guide

February 2023 brought the RAWfish team to Cascade, Idaho, partnering with Clam Outdoors to capture new product photography and video production. In-Fisherman then sifts through multiple brands’ content in order to find what best represents the ice fishing industry for the year. In choosing the cover image, In-Fisherman aimed to encapsulate the very essence of the ice fishing experience, highlighting the synergy between RAWfish’s creative vision and Clam Outdoors’ innovative products.

The Shot:

Capturing outdoor product specific imagery in a meaningful, natural way isn’t always the easiest.  You have to think on your feet, be creative in the field, purposeful with the equipment used and understand the objective of the client to showcase exactly what they have for a goal.  Capturing In-Fisherman’s Ice Annual cover image that is selected from thousands or outdoor images isn’t an easy task but with many years of experience and multiple Ice Annual covers under our belt (2023 would be RAWfish’s 4th straight year to gain this accolade)  we were set to the challenge. With the beautiful landscape of Cascade Idaho in the background and a trophy fish in our talents hands, we knew this was the perfect moment to get the money shot.  We set up quick, understanding the urgency to protect the fish and talents limbs as the day was very cold, we got everything in place and snapped the shot.  Quickly after, out of camera while the crew reviewed the image – they knew this was a winner.

infisherman cover 3

Devils Lake, North Dakota 2024 Visitor Guide

The story behind the Devils Lake 2024 Visitor Guide cover is one of a week-long adventure in May 2023. RAWfish drove out with a mission to capture videography and photography content during their summer media event. Among the many content goals for the week, securing a cover shot was a top priority. Collaborating with the Devils Lake Chamber team and visitors, RAWfish successfully captured the team and family culture that defines Devils Lake. Each experience we have in Devils Lake truly reflects the warmth and spirit of this North Dakota destination.

The Shot:

For the Devils Lake Visitor Guide, we knew a cover shot was needed out of this shoot from the start. The Devils Lake team decided fishing was going to be the highlight this year around the town since previous years were more lifestyle and destination town focused. The only problem with this is that we weren’t having the best luck catching the “perfect photo fish” to get the job done. With the right preparation, patience and having the perfect location in mind and were ready for when the time came. Everyone at the media event was at different areas of the lake when we got a call that a good sized walleye was on the line. The production team met at the scene which consisted of calm waters and the tall, abstract and Devils Lake staple trees. The Devils Lake marketing team requested a variety of different image options so that’s what we did! With our production team moving quickly and efficiently understanding everyone’s roles, we captured a library of different cover images that the Devils Lake team would decide on for their 2024 Visitor Guide Cover.

dlst.p 9
dlst.p 7

As we’ve mentioned before, the joy of seeing our work come to life across the USA is unparalleled. A thank you goes out to our dedicated RAWfish media production team and our valued clients and partners. Together, let’s conquer new heights in 2024, creating impactful cover images that resonate with audiences nationwide. Here’s to the art of storytelling and the collaborative journey of bringing photography to life!